Iowa White Pages, United States

Iowa is known as the “farm state” because its economy is primarily based on large-scale commercial agriculture and manufacturing. However, Iowa has so much more to give than food. The state is one of the best places to do business in the US and a political powerhouse — the US presidential primaries kick off in Iowa. You can access the basic personal and contact information of someone in Iowa by searching the Iowa white pages, an online phonebook. 

The Iowa white pages provide information such as the person’s name, address, and social media profiles. In addition, the white pages let you find public records on the person, including arrest, criminal, court, and property records — all available with a phone number search.

Iowa At A Glance

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  • Capital: Des Moines 
  • Population: 3.1 million (2021)
  • Size: 56,273 square miles
  • Nickname: Hawkeye State
  • Motto: “Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain.”
  • State Tree: Oak
  • State Flower: Wild Rose
  • State Bird: Eastern Goldfinch

10 Quick Facts About Iowa

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  • The largest bullhead fish statue in the world is in Crystal Lake, Iowa. The statue is 12 feet long and was built in 1958 by Carl Frick and Rush Gabrilson.
  • Iowa raises the nation’s pigs: hogs outnumber humans 8 to 1. The US Department of Agriculture reported 24.6 million hogs on 5,400 pig farms as of December 2020. 
  • Iowa is the largest producer of corn in the United States. As a matter of fact, 92% of Iowa are farmlands for growing food crops, predominantly corn. 
  • The bread slicing machine was invented in Iowa in 1928 by Otto Frederick Rohwedder. 
  • The Eastern and Western borders of Iowa are completely formed by rivers: the Missouri River to the west and the Mississippi River to the west. 
  • A quarter of the energy in Iowa is renewable, generated by wind. Iowa leads the country in per-capita wind power capacity (2,324 MW/million people). 
  • Iowa is home to the largest cereal company in the world: Quaker Oats in Cedar Rapids.
  • The Dubuque County Courthouse is the only county courthouse with a gold dome. The paper-thin, 23-karat gold leaf was installed in October 1983. 
  • Iowa has only one fire lookout tower. The Yellow River Fire Tower, located in Harpers Ferry, was built in 1962 and is no longer operational. 
  • The high school system in the United States started in Iowa in the 1910s. As of 2019, Iowa high schools have the highest graduation rate in the country, at 91.3%.

Largest cities or towns in Iowa

Des MoinesDubuqueOttumwa
Cedar RapidsUrbandaleCoralville
Sioux CityCedar FallsMuscatine
AnkenyBettendorfFort Dodge
Iowa CityWaukeeAltoona
West Des MoinesMason CityNorth Liberty
Council BluffsBurlingtonIndianola